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Schilling Away

Since I have become a stay at home dad, I have wondered how we can afford it.  I asked around as I got to know people and learned that many clipped coupons, sold 21st century Avon (Jamberry, Amway or Pampered Chef were the ones mentioned at the community center) or clicked sites for pennies.  I have done the latter for years so just increased that trend and have actually made some pocket money.

I have $100 in gift cards to the Home Depot sitting on my desk (a bookcase/ shoe rack/ side table).  They are from 3 sites that I cashed in.  All of these are built off the Amway model of getting friends involved for more money.  Anyways this is a not so subtle plug for you to join and give me more pennies.  If you don’t care, stop reading after the first one, I’ll be back next week with more amazing stories.

Stefan Wolf Art Society 6

My buddy Stefan is an amazing artist.  We’ve known each other for nearly 15 years and he has always had a sketch book with incredible visual interpretations of conversations, funny quotes turned into images or just sketches of Newsweek covers.  They were always really well drawn and generally funny. He draws good.  He also carves and makes incredible wood block prints.  Some of the sketches are random but his prints were always so detailed I thought they were better than most art for sale.  When we met many years ago I thought he should try to sell it.  When we were roommates years later, I tried to get his portfolio to help get his work in coffee shops.  Then he got married and he started getting some commissions among friends but being forced to produce was stressful.  Now he has a kid that he stays home with while waiting for high paying forestry jobs to come to him.  So finally a few months ago, he allowed me to start posting some drawing and woodblock prints for all to consume and make him money.  The cool part with Society 6 is that if you upload it for a print, you can also get it on a shirt, bathmat or coffee mug.  So now you can get random cartoons on coffee mugs, and amazing prints for your bathroom from the same artist and place.  And two SAHDs get some cash off your purchase, unequally divided to artist.

Link to awesome-


I have made nearly $50 a month for the 4 plus years I have been apart. I get points by running videos on an old smart phone and my laptop, occasional surveys and less occasional online purchases they track and give points for.  They also have a real bonus system that rewards you for making about a dollar a day with a few extra dollars at the end of the month.  The only problem is that you have to keep finding a way to earn your points when they change the limits on videos or when the surveys think you are lying.  But for $50 a month I give it a try.  I do this almost daily.  It annoys the beautiful Hannah sometimes.  Most of the time she doesn’t notice.

I get 10% of your earnings (you get all yours too) plus $4 when you sign up. It’s a pretty amazing deal honestly.



I started using this last year and struggled to find a way to make much money with it as most of the offers and surveys were the same as Swagbucks.  Until last month when I found (or they updated) the streaming videos and now I get about a dollar a day from running videos while I sleep.  Plus they currently have a holiday bonus program that you can get up to 10% bonus of earnings made between now and December 31st.   Also they live up to their name, when you redeem a gift card you get a link right then to print it off (or you could use online).

I get $0.10 at signup and 10% of some earnings.


Microsoft Rewards

This is how I check the news most days, getting points by clicking through top stories.  There is a daily limit in points so it only takes a few minutes and generally once you go through all stories you have your points.  I redeem the points for Starbucks, almost all the time.  So this one is a marriage helper because the beautiful Hannah loves her an Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato in the summer and Peppermint Mocha with Coconut milk in the cold (it’s available all years kids).  I can redeem a couple gift cards a month if I do all the special deals.

I get nothing, but you can get points from signing up through instagc or Swagbucks
I’ve been a member since 1998 it says.  That is like 15 email addresses ago.  It is simple, you get emails.  You click the link.  You get 5 points.  You see a special deal for 1500, but they want your credit card info and you don’t really want to join a wine and cheese of the month club so you X out, and click the next.  I go through the emails once a week, and redeem the points a couple times a year.  Not a big money maker, but I apparently have gotten a few thousand in 17 years (point values change so can’t really tell).  Also they just got bought by Swagbucks so things are changing and might merge soon.


Just started using it.  Works best for those who buy a lot of beer, wine and packaged foods it seems but also gives me discounts on fancy diapers, eggs, milk and bread.  Which has slowly added up.  Anyway, if you shop at Walmart and like barcodes this is for you.  Please use my code- kspldjm and get $10.  I get less.

So if you made it this far, you get to see me admit I am kind of pitiful and or ridiculous.  But I make a few dollars a week by having technology work for me generally while I am doing other things.  I only do a couple every day and having completed daily goals is nice for my head.  Anyway. Bye

If you do sign up for any of the above and want my pointers just text or email me.

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Rainy Day

It is chilly and raining today.  The plan was to move a pile of mulch around the yard today, but it just doesn’t sound fun, unlike sitting in the big chair and doing nothing.  So I sat down to write and typographically vomited about the ridiculousness of politics and media and facebook stories.  And well, it looked like vomit which no one needs to see, and I don’t feel like trying to pick out the good points and construct something.  Because that would be like rebuilding the food digested…this has gone too far.  Instead I finished a blog post about all the penny clicking I do to pass time and attempt to help us stick to budget.  So if you don’t want to know how to get rich quick*, I will see y’all next week.

*richness not guaranteed

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Let’s try this again

Its been a while since I published any posts.  There are currently 12 drafts that are all unfinished and some only partially thought out.  I looked over the last few posts a couple times and realized most were reviews which is not what I desired to write as the bulk of my words.  So I stopped

Why the delay? you may ask…

I wish I could say I have been writing a book or something noble and successful feeling.

Well. Ive been tired.  and busy…and lazy.  I found a couple games on Facebook to conquer.  And a site that gives me pennies an hour to click buttons.

Also work has been more stressful then normal which makes me want to just come home and watch Netflix with the wife instead of sitting at a computer.

All of these are excuses and I realize that, so I have decided that this mini long weekend of day on, days off around July 4th would be my relaunch.

The goal…unlike my current about section says…is to post every Wednesday.  But please don’t judge me if i miss a week or only post 200 words but let me know if you have stories or ideas for me to write.

Peace and love.

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Hello friends,

I have tried to write for the last 3 days and have gotten few words on the page.  The X factor of writing is not currently with me and although I know I am supposed to power through that there is housework to do and some dumb games to waste time with.

I will be back in the groove hopefully soon, but wanted to say ” I haven’t given up”

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Lately I have been writing. Writing about everything and nothing, but unlike Seinfeld and David, it still sounds like nothing.  I wrote 700 words on why I care more about money than street kids…because I have debts and they don’t, but on a proofread I realized I sounded like {word deleted} or a {word deleted} more than the caring compassionate person I try to be.

Then I wrote about how I give off one impression, while I am another.  Like I could be a great tennis coach, but can’t win a game.  And I can explain a few systems of handling money, but am not good at any of them…see debt comment above.

Then I wrote about how disappointed I am that 2 billion dollars is being spent to elect our next president, who will supposedly make wise decisions for us monetarily… after spending a billion dollars on ads to get the position.  And most of those advertising dollars didn’t go to create jobs but to the “job creators” who most likely sent it overseas.  That was about 1000 free write words of anger.

Then I went mushy and wrote about how I was excited to pamper the beautiful Hannah on her milestone birthday.  But again on proofread, it made me sound very braggadocios and posh.  Which is not who I am really, or who I want to be, or at least portray myself to be.

Well, I didn’t publish those 3000 ish words that I wrote because I just summed them up in about 175, which is something I am learning. Sometime less is more…like my fat belly.

More real posts coming soon, promise!


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