Monday was Junior’s second birthday.   It wasn’t a shock.  We knew it was coming.  Actually we kind of picked his birthday because he put his foot down inside the beautiful Hannah so scheduled his escape birth.  But that feels like one of the few things I have known lately would happen.

Life feels pretty out of my control right now.  I am dealing with not working and figuring how if I want to be working and how and where or what.  Which are thoughts that can only be had late at night because during the day I am in charge of an increasingly unpredictable two year old.  I am once again his fulltime day care after a month off to find a new career failed.  But enough about me.

I love hanging out with him and teaching him and playing with him.  But Jeez.

He is a little ball of tantrums and giggles and spitting and kisses and words mispronounced and commands for “more crackers”.  Which in this climate I feel needs to be clarified.  He is asking for food and loves kids and adults of all races.

He turned two with a chesty cough and a horrible history of actually sleeping.  People have told me to enjoy these years because he will be a teenager soon, but I am looking forward to the days he will sleep in his own room for hours on end.  And I’m not worried about him getting into trouble because…well we have plans that involve him only talking to others about Star Wars, figure skating and global warming…oh and his mom.  We figure if you mix Comic Book Guy with a mom obsessed Al Gore, he will spend a lot of time in his room trying to build his own smart phone because he isn’t allowed one until his 36th birthday by his parents and not getting into trouble.  (The figure skating has to do with him training my mariachi band).

He is a bad sleeper.  But a great player.  He likes towers of blocks and knocking yours over.  He likes drawing chickens and fish and “roars” –which could be bears, dinosaurs, tigers or lions— and painting while naked in water (aka bath time).  He likes outside air and dirt. And digging. And tools. And Eat.  He likes to eat what he likes.  So fruit, peanut butter, and most carbs—pasta, bread, pancakes, waffles, crackers, bunnies.  He likes fried rice, Asian noodles, spring rolls, burritos…so carbs and beans/peanuts.

Every morning it seems like he has mastered a new word in his sleep.  Partially because he practices them while waking up, but also because he is pronouncing more and more daily.  He loves to do the motions for the wheels on the bus aka BUSSS…which can be used by parental units to stop tantrums or him to get undivided attention.  His favorite toy is often the broom or vacuum because he has to help with everything.  He cooks, he bakes, he cleans, he does laundry, he loves his momma and he isn’t getting a phone until he is 39.

He is my 2 year old son who is amazing and fun but so time consuming in the best way possible.

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