One Month

Yesterday my son turned one…month.  It is a little surreal to realize I have been at home for a whole month doing little but surviving, resting and cleaning.  I don’t miss work at all.  I am not overly tired generally and don’t feel like I have messed him up too much yet.  This is a surprising to me.

My list for first month of child rearing went something:

– I will support the beautiful Hannah in every way possible

– I will hopefully only drop him once… a month

– I will allow myself one outing per day to get away from the mayhem

– Give yourself three weeks before you ask to go back to work or allow yourself to return to the street

– Exchange sleep time with the beautiful Hannah so we do not both go completely insane from sleep deprivation.

-Dishes and laundry don’t need to be done more than once…a month

It should be said that with my regular life schedule i dont clean more than the dishes generally and my picking up around the house results in a pile in the corner.  But with all this extra time I have actually completed tasks and kept the dishes and kitchen relatively clean.  My mother in law also spent 10 days with us and cleaned when we weren’t noticing so I have had help.

It should also be noted that my sleep schedule is not too different.  Being the non-food producing parent I get to sleep through the night most of the time.  I just fall asleep while trying to help otherwise.  Junior has figured out that we don’t really enjoy his 4 am play times and reserves the energy for when there are bright objects all around and at least one parent wearing pants (still not very often).   It helps that my kid is pretty smart and that we have access to every parents opinions on how to fix late night play times on the same delivery system you are reading these words.  Unfortunately we also get to make sure all his sounds, noises, secretions, movements and patterns are normal or abnormal which makes us wonder if they are actually normal for being not completely abnormal. Got it?

This parenting thing hasn’t been too hard.  But that is because my mother in law was here and always willing to help with cleaning, burping, changing diapers or snuggling the baby when the beautiful Hannah just wanted our space back for a couple minutes.  It is also not too hard because our friends have kept our fridge stocked with good food and hung out and allowed us to not feel alone.

Of course, they will soon return to their lives and us ours and Junior will no longer be 7 lbs and a good sleeper….I will let you know how I feel then…in a month.



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