2013 2nd annual honeymoon



Last year in the mayhem and madness of getting married I grew very excited about going on a vacation with the beautiful Hannah.  So as I planned the trip out it went from a vacation to an amazing honeymoon to “our 1st annual honeymoon”

In that vein,  this August we packed our bags again for 2500 mile+ roadtrip.

Unlike last year, I didn’t make any culinary adventure plans as we have found we are disappointed by the food outside of our fair city.  In fact we ate many meals that we spend effort to avoid here in Portland.  Don’t tell my doctor or her naturopath but pop tarts, packaged danishes and McDonalds were eaten.

We visited our favorite national parks, or I should say we showed the other our favorite national parks.   After a couple failed attempts over the years, we went to Crater Lake in southern Oregon.   Her initial response would have made her godmother proud, “Is that it?”

She liked it but not as much as I did 5 years ago when I bought an annual pass and went back 6 times in all seasons of that year.  A few days later, we took an early morning drive through Joshua Tree in southeastern California.  It was the opposite- dry, arid and hot- but it might have been more enjoyable to both of us, as it was new for me and still her favorite national park.

We also went through a couple cities that are tourist destinations…for retirees and gamblers.  We are neither and so didn’t enjoy them as much as we could have.  We lost most of our initial investments, and I lost all of my winnings before we left Las Vegas.  We also arrived in Las Vegas late at night which is when people like to drive slow, walk slow and the thousands of tourists cram the roadways.   We didn’t enjoy it as much as most people reading this probably would have.  The roadside attractions were not as easy to find or as epic as last year, likely because we didn’t really have the time to drive around with out delaying our long days of driving.

The road trip was capped off with a visit with what’s left of my father’s side of the family for a couple relaxing days on the central coast of California.

Overall it was too much driving in too short a time for a pregnant woman.


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