Flying has always been one of the most peaceful times of my life.  Being in the air, I have little to no stress. I can’t do anything and all elements are out of my control.  When flights are delayed I can’t do anything about it.  When I get upgraded to business class or better, it is the luck of the draw.

I don’t yet fly for business just pleasure so am able to think about the fun that happened or will happen.  Like how I will win 100 in the Las Vegas airport and then remember how I lost 20+.  I am free to think, read, listen and people watch. I get a “free” drink and “free” snacks. For an introvert like me, what could be better?

Not being alone the whole time.  That is what marriage has taught me.  So it was a little frustrating when I am forced by the airline to be alone again.

Our first long flight of this latest journey as we boarded our redeye flight across the country, our tickets were taken from us and new boarding passes handed out.
“Sorry we had to switch planes. This one is smaller” – The Gate clerk says with no emotion.
Are we still together? – I ask
“Unfortunately not.”
Any chance of that?
“No sorry we are overbooked and have no seats left.” The clerk responds still without any emotion

One of the other things that marriage has made me is tired early at night so at 1030 pm getting ready to board the place, I was irate. Pissed. Mad. I made up for the clerks lack of emotion.

Of course this was all on the inside.

How could they separate newlyweds without even asking? Our plan to use and be used as a pillow were crushed.  Two middle seats a row apart and nothing we can do about it. I planned on asking someone to switch but why would they switch when they don’t have a middle seat and we do?

Then I realized maybe I would sleep better not being a pillow. So I did not ask. I sat and gloated. About how horrible my life was because my wife was a row behind me on a metal 35, 000 feet in the air. And I realized I was still flying. I still had some space and time to think. And so I did that and was once again in my former happy place.  Then when we landed I was reunited with my new happy place- the beautiful Hannah.


This was written in March of this year.  For those who need context and are following my schedule!

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