We Grew Food

Fancy Lettuce

Fancy Lettuce

The beautiful Hannah and I found an amazing house to rent with a nice yard a few months back…and moved in.  One of the great traits about the place- besides having one of the few central air conditioners in Portland- is the raised beds for vegetable planting.

We don’t have much experience or skill to grow gardens.  I haven’t planted food since I was a kid…maybe a teenager, but it was all my parents.  And Hannah against all odds keeps cut flowers 3 times as long as potted plants.  But we gave it a shot.  She bought some lettuce and green vegetable starts from a philanthropic organization she is a part of and planted them with a little advice from our friend who is a successful neighborhood gardener.   She watched and occasionally watered them as the standard Portland rainy weather became blazing hot Equatorial weather.  I encouraged her and occasionally watered it too.  We watched as the kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts and 3 types of lettuce grew.  It was a learning experience that led me to Google things like “how-to harvest lettuce”, “do broccoli plants flower first?” and “are white bugs on kale bad?”

And for 4 whole weeks we grabbed lettuce for our dinners or lunches.  Generally with a smile we would walk back in the house and say “We grew food!”

But then things got busy.  We didn’t eat at home as much and craved other things than salads when we did.  There was a lot of driving to things and so the backyard became left alone.

Then a couple days ago, I was taken out back to see what had become of the garden.  The heat had taken its toll and the lettuce was no longer round but tall.  The chard was holey and the kale was COVERED in aphids of some sort.  The broccoli continued to flower and not become stalks (similar to growing corn as a kid) and the brussel sprouts returned to the dust they came from.

So that was our first experience with a garden.  But WE GREW FOOD!

Anyone have any advice to save the plants?  Are they able to be saved?


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  1. Aimee

    Everything you grew is still there and edible. The lettuce and aphids are, in some ways, the natural order of things. It’s all still edible, don’t give up on your garden. Broccoli flowers are actually tasty in salad. A part of finding harmony with the earth is patience, grace, and making the most of what she gives you-except maybe the aphids. They are just plain annoying.

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