Let’s try this again

Its been a while since I published any posts.  There are currently 12 drafts that are all unfinished and some only partially thought out.  I looked over the last few posts a couple times and realized most were reviews which is not what I desired to write as the bulk of my words.  So I stopped

Why the delay? you may ask…

I wish I could say I have been writing a book or something noble and successful feeling.

Well. Ive been tired.  and busy…and lazy.  I found a couple games on Facebook to conquer.  And a site that gives me pennies an hour to click buttons.

Also work has been more stressful then normal which makes me want to just come home and watch Netflix with the wife instead of sitting at a computer.

All of these are excuses and I realize that, so I have decided that this mini long weekend of day on, days off around July 4th would be my relaunch.

The goal…unlike my current about section says…is to post every Wednesday.  But please don’t judge me if i miss a week or only post 200 words but let me know if you have stories or ideas for me to write.

Peace and love.

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