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The other day I read an article on a local company that is “struggling”.  They are struggling not because their product is outdated or another better item took over the market, but because they built such high quality products that they work for 50+ years.  To fix this “struggling”, a new CEO was brought in who corrected a simple cosmetic flaw, took the original product off the market and replaced it with a more expensive, less long lasting type.  They are “revamped”, “rebranded” and “succeeding” again.

It got me thinking and made me wonder if mediocrity will ever be allowed again.  Depending how you look at the world probably not.  Most messages say you can do more, better, work harder… be wealthier.  Isn’t that what it is really about?  More money which equals more stuff and more property which then costs more and is harder to maintain unless you have more money?

This is the first year I have filed taxes jointly.  I have known for years that I make a livable wage, but this year the income that came into our little apartment was astounding!  Before taxes and deductions of course.  And when I look at the numbers I wondered why I live such a boring life.

Not boring in the sense of not doing anything, but in the sense of I could do more.  The numbers say I can live a bigger life, a nicer life, a more productive life.  But I am not, so that means I need larger numbers or fewer deductions.  And I actually think taxes go to some good things, because I have driven the roads in Vietnam, Indonesia and Mississippi; and can write and talk thanks to a free education.  So I don’t want fewer deductions.  So I need bigger incomes.  Which would let me have a better life, right?

Maybe, but probably not

I would most likely stop being mediocre.  Not in the changing the world way, I would probably be worse at that.  I would be less mediocre in where I live, where I eat, and what I wear.  I learned recently that my wardrobe is not very colorful.  This is true, because black doesn’t stain and blue jeans last longer than khakis, so that is what I bought a couple years or more ago.  And which I still wear.  I am fine with that.  Would a new shirt be nice?  Yes, but so would a car.   Or checking 10 more countries off the ol’ bucket list of “all”.  Which is what would happen if the number went up?  And why I am fine being mediocre.



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  1. Hyacinth

    you are anything BUT mediocre!

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