Death and Heaven

RichardI am mourning for a man I never knew.  Like my father, and father -in-law, he died too young by our earthly calculations.  I heard him speak a handful of times and read his words a couple more handfuls of times, but never had a real conversation with him more than to shake his hand and thank him for speaking.  The beautiful Hannah and I had imagined plans to have dinner with him one day when that real conversation might happen.

The beautiful Hannah has mentioned more than once that her father will get to have dinner with him before us.  They will meet in heaven.  Which has gotten me thinking about heaven again and I am not sure how I feel about that.  I am not sure if I agree or more honestly, if I want to know what heaven is like.   When I first started getting into church— as in listening, reading and taking to heart – church and biblical ideas the general consensus was that heaven would be one large praise and worship party.  This always scared me.  I enjoy loud, rock worship as much as the next 23 year old in a 33 year old’s body, but… I am not sure if I want to do it eternally.

Before that I went to a singles ministry (for fellowship, ya know) that was non-denominational at a southern Baptist church and led by the conservative Baptist minded leaders of said church.  More than once the mention of streets of gold was made.  At the time the hip hop world I was surrounded by was obsessed with platinum, which made me wonder why God—as the sovereign creator and designer of our faith—used a less than most precious metal to pave his paradise.  Was he not wasteful? Or was gold actually more precious to him?  Or did it matter at all?

As I explained some of my ideas about heaven to friends and my objections a lot of them agreed with me.  Often this is where it ended.  Until in recent years I have chatted with agnostics and atheists what are worried about Christians projections of heaven because it stops them from caring for this world environmentally, socially and charitably.  I like their thoughts that we as Christians should care more about this life that we can define than the next (if you believe in that) which is unknown and a major surprise.

As a follower of the Jesus Way– with Richard, I am committed to helping those around me today more than worrying about what kind of music I will hear or what I will walk on in the next life.  That is why the beautiful Hannah and I have decided to honor the man we never actually communed with by donating to his legacy.  He lived a life worthy of remembering but also left many holes both physical and financial for his foundation and his family.  If you want to join us (we want 8 friends to help with $100), please let me know.  All the needed information is found here.  If you think you can do a full share of the ask, please follow the steps at the link.

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