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Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Well, I woke up this morning.  And honestly, I was a little disappointed.  I figured the Mayans were wrong. But hey, who really knows?

Disappointed because… I am tired.  I am busy, stressed and was quite ornery last night.

Disappointed because… I knew I would pass some homeless sign holders, while I wanted a snack and guiltily spent the money I might have to later claim I didn’t have to feed my grumbling belly.

Disappointed because…the world is cruel place and we need a reset of some kind.

Disappointed because… I would have to still plan the Christmas dinner and figure how to feed between 150 and 300 people without having left overs or RSVPs.

But then I noticed the beautiful Hannah and realized something.

While the world is still broken and messed up, there will always be something to wake up for.  For me and for everyone.

Because, even when 90% of my Facebook wall is talking about kids being shot and the need for concealed weapons < or > a weapons ban; 9.6% of it is funny kid or cat videos and 0.4% are messages from friends that care about me.

There is cheap sushi to eat and expensive beer to drink.  There are birthdays to celebrate and world domination strategies to plan.  There are jokes to hear and stories to tell and …

Well you kind of get the point.  There is a lot that could have been fixed with the world ending, but there is a lot more to do now that it hasn’t.  So go enjoy your holiday season… tell someone Happy Solstice today, Merry Christmas in a few days, Happy Boxing  Day after that and Happy Romanic New Year the week after that.  Eat some pie or cake.  Eat some veggies or beef ribs.  And smile some.

Just smile.  Because the doomsday people were wrong again.  And you are still here.

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