Christmas Day Meal

I wrote this to get people to come out.  If you are reading this before the 25th of December and don’t have a place to party on Christmas in Portland, come on out.  1302 SE Ankeny and look for signs.  And please for all that is planned, just bring yourself!

Gut sucking good time

Hanging with the boss

Three Octobers ago, I was watching over the controlled chaos (that a 3 O’clock People meal can become) when Spider, 3OP’s houseless friend and leadership member, came up and asked, “So you guys are serving on Christmas right?”

I responded, “Yep, every week we are out here.”

“Well, Christmas Day is a Saturday this year.  You should let these guys go inside and hang out for a bit.  Make a nice feast and let us just hang out and have some your church folks hang out with us.” He continued. “No place will be open probably.”

Sadly, he was right, I called around and only one place would be open to give out some “snacks and such.”  I asked around the church and got a lot of thumbs up and thus began the Three O’clock People Annual Christmas Day Meal.

December 25, 2012 marks the third year we will decorate the gym like a massive dining room, put some games and cards on the tables and set up 36 feet of tables of the finest ham, turkey, sides and desserts that Imago Dei members can make.

There will be tables of gifts near (too much to be under) the trees of donated socks, clothes and tarps for anyone who is in need. (If you’d like to donate items, tarps, gloves, hats, sturdy clothing, socks or rain gear, you can drop them off at church on Sunday, December 23rd during the morning services.) We will eat, hang out and throw a community party for Jesus’ birth.  We will listen to each-other’s stories of joy and sorrow, of victories and defeats, of abundance and of need.

The best part though is that YOU are invited!  Everyone is.

If you have too much family in town, cook a turkey and bring them all down to hang out with someone else for a couple hours…and to eat with us.  If you are feeling like a holiday orphan for any reason, make a pie and come enjoy a full meal with us. If you have coworkers, neighbors or friends that don’t know where to go, bring them on down.

There will be some volunteer spots available, but more, we want you to just come ready to eat and listen to the stories of others, whether they are houseless, lonely and overwhelmed, or just want a bigger family to celebrate Christmas Day.

The dinner will be held in the Imago Dei gym (across the path from the sanctuary building), from 3-5 p.m. on Christmas Day. Imago Dei Community is located at: 1302 SE Ankeny, Portland, OR 97214

Please RSVP what and how much you are bringing to and we will save a seat for you!

For more information on 3 O’clock People, please click here.

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