I like to laugh. I like comedy. In real life and on screens and in earphones.  For a little while there I consumed as much of it as I could, until I realized a lot of it wasn’t actually funny.  And upon further review I could lump and determine within a few minutes whether a comedian or show was good or bad.  The bad is either vulgar, slow, or misses their mark.  Good involves timing. As an example, the interrupting cow knock knock joke.  Some are good, but most are horrible.  It’s all about the timing.

For years I have been waiting on timing in life. I have waited and prayed and waited and taken steps and often not felt the timing was right.  This leads me to delay and think about the 42 ways the project, relationship, or risk will explode in my face.  Sometimes I jump in because it is a once in a life time experience and I’ll pay for it later—either emotionally, relationally or monetarily.  Like that time I went to see Willie Nelson on credit because I wasn’t sure his bus would keep making all the curves of this country’s roads and he returned for a cheaper price the next year.  Sometimes I completely miss the timing of life.   I hesitate to respond to an email and the dream job is no longer accepting applications.  I procrastinate and don’t leave the house in time to make it to a party or event that would launch my “network connections.”

Yet when things are thrust on me and I deal with them sometimes they become huge blessings and later I see that even though I wasn’t ready for them it was the time.  This happened with my job…four years ago, the timing was right for me to temp and then go fulltime at an amazing company. Then a couple years later to get really involved in managing and then leading a community meal.  And of course, most recently, being stuck decorating a gym with a cute girl who now is my beautiful wife.

In all of these timings, I am not necessarily aware or looking for them.  While in many missed timings I was attempting to create something that wasn’t ready.  The beautiful Hannah and I missed each other for FOUR years. We hung out with the same people… on different nights. Went to the same church most Sundays…and sat in different places.   Served the same people…in different positions or times.  We look at the timing of not meeting and smile. Because there were other crushes…or partners…or counselors… or issues that if we met 2 or 3 or 4 years ago would have prevented us from connecting.  It wasn’t the time.  But then one day it was.  And it was natural.  It was simple and honest.

Now I look out and see that none of the three major elements of my life (time wise) seem to have been directly intentional, not rehearsed over and over again.  Instead, they were all things that came about and succeeded because I allowed natural aspects to guide me.  The rhythms needed to succeed were in me, just like the thing that makes a joke funny…TIMING!

Do you have similar experiences that you look back on?

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