Lately I have been writing. Writing about everything and nothing, but unlike Seinfeld and David, it still sounds like nothing.  I wrote 700 words on why I care more about money than street kids…because I have debts and they don’t, but on a proofread I realized I sounded like {word deleted} or a {word deleted} more than the caring compassionate person I try to be.

Then I wrote about how I give off one impression, while I am another.  Like I could be a great tennis coach, but can’t win a game.  And I can explain a few systems of handling money, but am not good at any of them…see debt comment above.

Then I wrote about how disappointed I am that 2 billion dollars is being spent to elect our next president, who will supposedly make wise decisions for us monetarily… after spending a billion dollars on ads to get the position.  And most of those advertising dollars didn’t go to create jobs but to the “job creators” who most likely sent it overseas.  That was about 1000 free write words of anger.

Then I went mushy and wrote about how I was excited to pamper the beautiful Hannah on her milestone birthday.  But again on proofread, it made me sound very braggadocios and posh.  Which is not who I am really, or who I want to be, or at least portray myself to be.

Well, I didn’t publish those 3000 ish words that I wrote because I just summed them up in about 175, which is something I am learning. Sometime less is more…like my fat belly.

More real posts coming soon, promise!


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