It Worked!

Wedding Day


When I imagined that day I never thought this would be in it.  There I was in the apartment I would soon share with my soon-to-be wife.  But I was alone at that moment.

It was hot outside so my pants were near the door, and my shirt was someplace near the fridge…because the apartment was HOT.  Facebook had blown up with well wishes so I was reading those while I sat on the floor eating cold, leftover Popeye’s fried chicken from the set up party the day before while the fan blew on my out of shape glistening, kind of smelly, overworked body.  I had finished the second of three trips to the park with furniture and other things needed for our picnic reception following the ceremony.

I should probably make sure I don’t forget get anything I think…

Hey beautiful, I’m at the apartment and planning to leave at 2 pm.  Let me know if you need anything before then.

As it sends, I notice it pop into our running text dialogue of the day..SENT   1405   08/03/2012

It is my wedding day, and I am alone on the floor of her (soon to be our) apartment eating fried chicken while I check Facebook.  I am supposed to be on the way, not still needing to clean up chicken bones, shower, get dressed fancy and make my beard all go the same direction!

When I arrived, 30 or so minutes later than planned, the photographer seemed a little relieved.  I walk up to him and I am told the bride was still on her way so I needed to get in position to see the woman of my dreams dressed in dazzling white.

We had decided to have our moment before the ceremony, because… well, we like to have moments with each other.  She came down the stairs and it was just us (minus the cameras) smiling, giggling and realizing how even with the fancy clothes on it all felt right.  How even with all the chairs and tables, which were set up for us, it was just another moment in our relationship… that other people were around to witness.  It was all normal and I was in “work mode”, as I greeted friends and family trying to make sure everything was right.  As I made decisions and told my groomsmen all the things I forgot to do and noticed things that mattered 2 hours ago but not now. It was all normal…

Until she literally took my breath away…

The dudes were in the center of the arch.  The music played and the ladies processed.  The music changed and groom gasped as the stunningly beautiful bride walked down 21 stairs. She came out from behind the screen positioned to make her the center of attention.

There were a lot of smiles and a lot of squinted eyes as the evening sun beat down on our ample attendees under the St John’s Bridge.  The readings flowed into the prayers which flowed into the vows and the breaking of bread.  The flash mob style poem was shouted from behind the main cathedral arch and we were pronounced the Mr. and Mrs.

We were cheered and the recessional song blared as we danced up the aisle of 42 stairs.  We were given another moment as the formal wedding party recessed out in time for the real party to start!  As the beautiful Hannah and I were escorted back down for some pictures we noticed the power of people as everyone moved their chair to the reception faster than the speed of the sound system.  Work mode was done.  We got to have fun and relax now.

“IT WORKED!”, we smiled to each other, as we took a moment to survey the valley of friends and family who were relaxing, smiling and laughing at us as we sat on a park bench finishing off the blessed communion wine.

All of our crazy ideas for a fun time were coming together.  The rest of the evening is a blur as we attempted to say “HI” to everyone celebrating in our honor, drink a couple beers and some sweet tea, eat some of the amazing food, and still take time to notice how many smiles were around.   The formal aspects (the pie cutting, the toasts, the first dance) were crammed together because we lost an hour or more being a part of the party we designed.

That was a month ago, and yet it seems simultaneously like yesterday and a year ago.

Happy 1 month anniversary to the beautiful Hannah!

It must be said our friends went above and beyond what was expected, or desired, and on a couple occasions originally discussed.  We didn’t pay for much more than supplies.  All aspects of the day and evening were done by friends, except two—the amazing airplane style toilet trailer, and the 130 chairs and tables.  Consider this your thanks, as we didn’t get the chance to do it on the day.  We know who you are and that is what matters.  THANKS!   


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  1. Adriane

    Congrats Jeremiah & Hannah! Sounds like an amazing day! 🙂

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