I have dreams…a lot of them…but I am not really a dreamer.

I am not a dreamer because I have a hard time getting out of the practical.  When I have a dream of living somewhere I generally make plans within a few months to move there.  When I dream of making changes in my life I talk about them to friends and get the ball rolling quickly.  When I had the dream of not being single, I started risking.  All of these dreams had little specifics attached to them.   I didn’t know how I would actually be able to move, or to where.  I didn’t know how I would find new work or new life rhythms, just that I wanted a change.  I didn’t know who I would marry or how fast or how amazing she would be, just that I wasn’t willing to be single anymore.  No specifics, just desires.

Yet I have found dreamers have a lot of details attached to their dreams or desires.  Since I don’t and rarely know how to verbalize the specifics let allow want specifics to narrow my focus, I don’t have dreams.

But you said you have dreams?

Indeed, I have vivid dreams while I sleep that I remember sometimes for days.  I don’t know what it says about me. I had one last night where Justin Timberlake called a friend’s phone while we were cleaning up an outdoor graduation ceremony where all of the tassels had to be put back on.  He told me to come meet Adele because we were going to play a practical joke on her.  As I was leaving my wife said I should make sure to kiss her, so I can say I snogged Adele*.  (Apparently even though she gave me permission in the dream, this is not okay in real life.)

I don’t know what all that means or why I remember it.  I don’t think anyone I know has JT on speed dial, or why I would be invited to prank Adele, but if that did happen, believe me I would write a better post than this about that.

But more I don’t know why I have details about that scene remembered in my head, yet I can’t dream of how to get some of Portland’s 5000 houseless off the streets, or how to create community for them or when that would happen or with whom exactly.  So I don’t dream about life and instead dream about ludicrous things.

I have heard really intelligent people dream in color.  Or the ones in color are from some higher being.  I am not sure if either of these are true, but I wish some, or one, of my real life desires would become a dream where all the details are figured out in my sleep.

Are you a dreamer?


* I have long held the belief that you should do something big when you meet certain people.  Like punch Mike Tyson if you ever bump into him at the Safeway.  Then you could say you fought him, and use your permanently disfigured jaw to prove it.

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