Wedded for a Cause

When the beautiful Hannah and I decided to get hitched I had no idea about many of the things involved in weddings.  I never really thought about them, and never needed to.  Things like…How you should lose weight to look good but are also going to stress eat because every little thing is now the biggest decision EVER.  How I don’t really care about colors or textures as much as an artsy female.  How there are thousands of options for every details.  How much money is involved in making the day special and memorable.

Oy!  The money.  Both costs and gifts.  But when we paused and thought about it we wanted to assist others with all the money floating around by buying from or employing as many local artists and small businesses and using the day to support a charity.

The conversation around which charity was short. One Day’s Wages has been the model I believed in the most since it came out.  Small loans allow projects to be completely funded faster.  All money goes to the projects because the overhead is covered by employees having other employments or people contributions to the admin fund.  Projects and fund that actually assist people not just give them money.

Choosing the fund was a little harder, as I love anything Asian and the beautiful Hannah loves art and people on the margins. We met in the middle on one of our common passions…. education.

If I wasn’t taught to learn I wouldn’t be me. And not only is the same true of the beautiful Hannah, but additionally she teaches people how to learn and how to think for themselves. It might not seem perfect but it is.

We set a goal of $5,000 and at last check we have 3 percent of that. Which isn’t much and creates a dilemma… because I have debts. And… I was really hoping we would meet the goal fast and therefore be able to point at it and say, “You can give me money now”.  And… depending when you catch me— as in when I last looked at my balances last… I might tell you give me a check, as I did to a friend recently when asked what we really wanted for the wedding. But honestly, if you give us $50 the beautiful Hannah and I will buy something that looks nice or to make life easier or just maybe we pay off something I already bought to make life easier

If you give that $50 to ODW. You will change a developing nationalist’s life by funding a project that allows them to learn and possible learn to think for themselves which is the greatest gift of all.

I’ll let you pick and hopefully a couple of you will allow the beautiful Hannah a luxury or two, and me some socks and boxers the lady will approve of.

You can give to ODW through this link-

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