Who Dreams Anymore? -Archival edition

Originally published on 17 Jan 11. Amazing to see what has changed in 14 months. I don’t get some of the references either…
Who allows their subconscious to be free enough to let them ride a tiger they caught up with or to jungle trek over Asia borders with Russell Brand and Katy Perry? To envision having that long talked about reunion with amazing friends overseas because they have a Monday off ? Then through the power of sleepy dreams are able to make it from Saigon to Portland for work on Tuesday. Who lets their subconscious predict and plan their conscious life?
So much so they wake from a dream of trekking Annapurna that they look for airfares to Kathmandu? Or asks for prayer about where to live and what to do because what they see as choices doesn’t inspire them much? Because while it would do, it is not the life they dreamt of.
Even more who sacrifices now a days for those dreams? Gives up a good job, house, car or ‘opportunity’ to risk a dream coming true. Will suffer through poor heating or lighting or aesthetics without a complaint to make the art and living they dream about. Not holding onto material possessions but onto the dream of an actual utopian society and community.
Or do we let these wild dreams of belonging and community and risk and potentially massive rewards go when we freak out about explaining them to others. Do we worry about exposing our hidden talents before we rock some classic Monkees? And the community around us joins in to lift our voice as one complete with added ‘duhnah duhnah”s! Do we worry about risking because of the way people might judge us before we even try?
What if? What if you were given the chance to ride a tiger? Or happened upon someone famous in a remote jungle and were given the star treatment with your new friends because of the quotes from Booky Wook you remembered? What if you were a roadie? Or a bestselling author? Or a missional leader?
What if you succeeded in saving money while enjoying time with close friends in a different way? A “let’s cook together”, “Yes, Tuesday night can work”, “Sure, let’s just get a beer at your place” kind of way. Then were able to use that money to travel, drive, help others, donate, explore, learn, love…dream.
It seems like we wouldn’t ask “What are my dreams?” but instead “What is stopping me from turning my dreams into reality?”
PS. Yes, these are all dreams I have recently had. Yes, I have been looking at kayak.com a lot. No, I did not intentionally save this for Martin Luther King Jr. day although I am constantly inspired by his words and work.

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