The Candyman

A couple months ago I watched a movie that has made me have hope for life. I started watching because I was interested in the product and the movie service suggested I would like it because I watched a lot of other food shows.  Like Anthony Bourdain and Food Inc and stories of where food comes from…

Candyman: the David Klein Story is the story of the founder of Jelly Belly, how he made the brand popular and how he was exploited by some of those he assisted.  He is the king of entrepreneurs in the candy world, creating an amazing product that we all have at some point marveled at when we bit into a small bean.  He is an amazing inventor and a kind-hearted man.  This was not always a good match for the businessmen that realized what they were holding onto.  His crazy style of marketing and merchandising allowed his company to grow almost too fast until it was sold out from under him and his business partner.

His appearances on TV and reports in the national newspapers were undercut by a multimillion-dollar company who went from simply producing his product to owning his specialized name and place in history.  A history that no longer includes the name David Klein.

In the documentary, what really struck me was the fact that everyone who was interviewed mentioned how much of a nice guy he was.  How he helped them launch their candy company. Or expand their nut and confectionery shop.  Or how he shared his knowledge of the candy industry and it’s history.  Yet, it didn’t seem like those interviewed wanted to employ him.  Which made me wonder: Can dreamers and vision casters also be good employees?

I am not sure about that, because all the visionaries I know are leading, and most are leading well.  David Klein went on to create many more candy products.  None as successful as the original yet all as ingenious and creative.  He is soon launching a new line of jellybeans again.  He is also selling all of his recent creations here.

So, find the movie and watch it.  Then find a place that can stock his candies and tell them about it.  It is the least you can do for an honest businessman in this world.  Or at the very least, think of this man the next time you bite into that small Juicy Pear jelly bean and your mouth is confused where the rest of the pear is…


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