This last weekend I went to the Justice Conference, which was held in my fair city.  It was a head hurting, thought spinning, back and butt aching event.  I am still trying to process individual ideas into more than a sentence so in the meantime here are some quotes.

“Talkers need walkers to talk about, and walkers need talkers to learn from…”- Walter Brueggemann

“There is no [political or financial] system that enjoys the blessing of the Gospel” – Walter Brueggemann

“Argument is a smoke screen that prevents the action of justice” – Don Golden with Walter Brueggemann

“Every time you give yourself away, you get yourself back enhanced” – Walter Brueggemann

“Steadfast love, justice, mercy, righteousness, compassion are the five word cluster of fidelity” – Walter Brueggemann

“The coming rule of God is about neighborhoodliness” – Walter Brueggemann

“Bad theology happens when we say the Son gave everything, and the Father held something back” – Walter Brueggemann

“Justice is going to those who don’t have energy or resources to be respectable” – Walter Brueggemann

Lynne Hybels- speaking on Palestinian/ Israeli land

“Conflict is about fear of others” – Lynne Hybels- speaking on Palestinian/ Israeli land

“Did Christ die in Vain? NO, because love will win even in the Holy Land” – Lynne Hybels- speaking on Palestinian/ Israeli land

“Justice is what love looks like in public” – Cornel West

“A lack of justice anywhere is injustice everywhere” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Justice is a right ordering of relationship” –Ken Wytsma

“To define justice is a cluster… [Similar to love in 1 Corinthians 13]” –Ken Wytsma

“Truth is what is, Justice is what ought to be” –Ken Wytsma

Tapperelli coined the term “social justice in 1848. It’s not new

“We should all agree there should be justice in the social realm.” –Ken Wytsma

“Justice is a theological NECCESITY” –Ken Wytsma

“Being a Christian is less about cautiously avoiding sin than about courageously and actively doing God’s will.” ― Dietrich Bonheoffer

“You can’t rob Crazy Horse to pay Desmond Tutu and call it Social justice” – Daniel Fan

“Charity is no substitute for justice withheld” – Augustine

“When you understand the scope of justice you can’t walk across the lawn without breaking a blade of grass” –Ken Wytsma

“Justice surfaces a need for and is made complete by grace” –Ken Wytsma

“In the garment of justice, love is an irreplaceable thread” –Ken Wytsma

“Honoring everyone presupposes we separate the deed from the doer” –Miroslav Volf

“Everyone who loves separates the doer from the deed” –Miroslav Volf

–Miroslav Volf uses Nietzsche as a devotional!

“If you take loving your enemies out of the Christian faith you take away the Christian faith” –Miroslav Volf

We need to rescue theology from the cowboys- Richard Twiss

“We discovered Columbus floating around our beach front property” Richard Twiss

“When we talk about justice we need to think about the caretakers of our land [“natives”]” Richard Twiss

Not reservations but Indian countries

“We don’t want you to come paint our damn church buildings, they have too many layers of paint already.  Come be our friend. Attend a powwow, be in community with us. Dance with us. Be in our rituals” Richard Twiss

“Don’t treat us like the mission field bur as co-equal participants in life, creation and culture of Jesus” Richard Twiss

“Only the oppressed can liberate the oppressors and in the process we all become free” Richard Twiss

“Don’t just fight unjust issues but create justice” Rick McKinley

We define what we do, what we earned, what’s mine.  God creates community of grace where it’s not yours. It’s his. – Rick McKinley

“Nothing is earned, all is given and there is enough to go around” Rick McKinley

“If you can’t rejoice when all are paid you can’t when all are saved” Rick McKinley

“The dream of the neighborhood is nothing short of radical” Rick McKinley

“To have a gospel apart from justice is to have no gospel at all” – John Perkins

“You can’t understand justice apart from Psalms 24” – John Perkins

“Justice is a stewardship, an economic issue” – John Perkins

“All great movements come out of the pain of the people” – John Perkins

“Trafficking prevention must address poverty and racism to provide justice” – Rachel Lloyd

“Domestic violence is directly related to trafficking/ abuse of women/ exploitation, gender inequality” – Rachel Lloyd

“We are not the rescuers, can’t have a savior complex, but we are the seed planters” – Rachel Lloyd

“We’ve created poverty because we don’t know how to hare” – Claiborne

“We have to take our deepest passion and connect it to the world’s worst issues” – __________

“Women are the greatest untapped resource in the world” Lynne Hybels

“Men need to figure out how to slip into shoes of vulnerability (women)” – Stephen Bauman







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