The bathrooms in the office building are being remodeled.  First, the water was turned off, then the door had a note saying it was closed and if you attempted to go in it was empty and dusty.  There was warning of this so I just went with it.  For a few weeks, my hourly bathroom breaks will become less often as I train my body to be controlled and not just go for a walk between monotonous projects. The one we can use is a floor down and the remodel completed.  I like it well enough but wonder why it takes weeks to remodel a small bathroom.  I whine and complain and worry how long it will take the elevator to arrive so I am not away from my desk very long…i.e. my music and headphones.  Today the water in the new bathroom was not working, and I realized this after I had started brushing my teeth…at 10 am. Because my gums hurt last night after some dental work, so instead ate a piece of cheese before bed and forgot to brush this morning instead of mouth washing.

But this was not my first impression.  My first impression to both co-workers and others who have space on the floor complaining was to rebuke them.  In my head I thought how dumb it sounded to complain about bathroom breaks taking longer than normal.  How we still have a clean bathroom to use.  And an elevator to take to said toilet even if we were required to use the elevator and not the stairwell that locks behind you and only allows you out at the bottom.  How this seemed like the problem is the most first world.  The most middle class. The most spoiled rotten complaint.

Until I was inconvenienced.

This happens a lot.  I judge people until I experience the inconvenience they complain about.  Until I have 4 things to do and don’t want to take a 10 minute break.  Until I wait too long and the elevator isn’t coming fast enough.

And I keep thinking these things as long as I am in my bubble in the building.  It’s shocking how fast my head changes when I walk outside and see a sign flier.   Or am asked for a couple quarters.

These people that need a little assistance, or the 1% who are working the system, have to hold it or utilize the mall or a bush over on the park blocks.  And that simple fact makes me more willing to take the extra minute to enjoy and not complain about the middle class, first world, spoiled rotten issues in my life.


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