"Why Wait for the care you want"

I saw the above brochure stand in my dentist’s office a while ago.  It might have been the mood I was in, but when I read it I said out loud,

“That’s what’s wrong with America”

Maybe it was the fact I was told I need 4 new fake teeth (crowns) because I waited 4 years to get work done.  I had been scolded by a dentist I wasn’t sure was older than me. Sidebar: Is it me or is that a major sign of getting old? When doctors and lawyers graduated high school when you were planning to graduate college. The assistant seemed surprised my teeth were still in my head and also scolded me for showing up the week before Christmas instead of 2 years ago. In any case, what I heard the sign say was,

“Why wait for optional fake teeth? Get them now!”

In my head I started fuming that one of the potential reasons that so many people can’t afford healthcare at a basic level is because everything is financed, which means no one is actually cashed based and the financer has to charge a higher interest than they pay.  Which means if they don’t charge interest they have to charge more for their services, which means I should just start pulling teeth from the back so they never cost me money and maybe, just maybe I will have enough to pay for Lasik eye surgery.  But what’s wrong with glasses.  I like them on girl and so girls should like them on me. Oh, and it’s also a Chase Bank loan, so there is that.  They are the one of the worse culprits in making people say,

“We need everything now!”

Or maybe they are a job-creator with all those loans they offer people.  Maybe it takes 3 people to manage my loan and by me trying to be cash based I am actually hurting the economy.  Because I am paying down my debt and trying to get into a black ink financial place, I am actually contributing to the actual 18% or so unemployment rate of this country, and the loss of jobs in china.  Good thing there are those parts of the country, and trailer parks near me that keep the economy going by buying lots of infomercial products.

Then the dental assistant came back in with my new x-rays and I lost my thoughts…


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