I consume a lot of media.  I like to know what is happening.  To be entertained.  To learn…so I listen to podcasts from 6 US states and 3 countries.  I have both iTunes and Amazon Cloud that I use to listen to music at work.  I signed up for a 14 day Netflix trial last April with the plan to use it to relax for 13 days and cancel it.  I watched 50 hours of Netflix over Thanksgiving and just slightly less over Christmas break.  My iPod goes nearly everywhere with me. It is full with 120 GIGABYTES of “entertainment” and “knowledge”.

I have 6 items checked out from the library and 12 on hold.  I probably won’t actually finish half of them.  Some I might not even pick up from the library.  My Google reader has 4 folders.  I only touch 2 of them- “friends” and “daily”.  Ironically “daily” gets about 600 posts a day and so is rarely checked daily because it is too overwhelming.  I generally have to “read all” or skim it once a week highlighting the 20 blogs, tweets or links that actually interest me.  But I don’t unsubscribe.  Same with podcasts.  I can press play right now and have podcasts run through late August, without anything else being added.  It is ludicrious.

For example, the content from NPR deals with events that have changed so significantly that I skip it.  Case in point, when Gaddafi died, I had 4 hours of “the search for Gaddafi continues” news stories from various outlets.  Yet, I still didn’t minimize anything.

Because I want to “know” more.

I want to know everything that is happening.

Then, I realize I live in community.  I work with friends.  Those I hang out with have far better stories than three quarters of the blogs I spend time reading.  And they all could give a #$^&%! how much I know.  But they do all care about how much I know about them.  How much I listen when they talk.  How much time I devote to them.

You would think I would end this with saying that I deleted 450 blogs from my reader, podcast list, and instant queue.  But instead I am ending it early so I have time to listen to the rest of the Best of 2011 podcast from the BBC morning show.

Anyone else do this?  Consume more than needed? more than wanted?

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  1. Amber

    Totally do that. Its gotten to the point where I listen to some podcasts on double time because either I’m playing catch up our they are gassing on for two hours that I don’t want to spend listening to but can justify an hour.
    I say its to gain knowledge but half the time I couldn’t even tell you the topic only two podcasts later because its been used as background noise.

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