Intelligence in Politics: a rant

A few weeks ago The Daily Show had Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi on as guests.  I respect them both and generally agree with their worldview, although one more than the other.   Early in my working career, as a 20 year old I had good jobs and therefore thanked Clinton for that since he had been in power for nearly 8 years.  I won’t say more on that because many of you think he has ethical issues which for me have little to do with public service and more to do with personal life mistakes.

Still reading?  Clinton and Pelosi being on basic cable in the same week was amazing to me. But was more amazing was what they said…and how those words were said.  Bill Clinton—who’s out of office and just a highly respected speaker and philanthropist now— laid out plans to fix the economic issues we have.  Eloquently, beautifully, wordsmith-ily he discussed solutions that from his research and experience would make a difference.  Things like raising some taxes and closing other loopholes.   He said what needed to be said I felt.

The next night Pelosi—who is still in office and seems to want to stay there— ended up blaming others. She used talking points and (sorry Mom) talked utter bullshit.  Her words used were made up or redefined in the past year, which seems atrocious to me and…the answers rarely answered Jon Stewart’s questions.

The two couldn’t be more different.  Clinton seemed to have a backbone and some fearlessness.  Pelosi did not have either but instead seemed to be speaking what she thought others wanted to hear.  Things that need to be heard and want to be heard are often different.

Why do you bring this up?

I watch a lot of documentaries as you probably know.  They make me think and read more.  Lately I’ve viewed a lot about the world economic issues. The causes, the people involved and the reasons many people are broke.  In many is the former NY governor Eliot Spitzer who like Clinton has personal ethical issues but aims to help a lot of people.

I respect that he makes sense and stands up for what he believes in.  And believes in something! He listens to interviewers, answers their questions and sounds smart. Sounds smart? What does that mean?  Have you listened to Glenn Beck? The opposite?  They have plans. History. References. Acronyms that you have to look up.

But the thing that I appreciate most is that when he pops up, like Clinton there is something in me that feels hopeful.  That there are still good people in politics and the world…

Well there were.  Who do we have in office that is willing to take on Wall Street and the Mob?  To make tough decisions like raising taxes in the short term for long term gain?  Or to risk their job to assist those in most need?

There must be someone who is working too hard to be interviewed on camera…

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