Where’s the Beef (from)?

I had the following graphic emailed to me by a reader yesterday and it has been blowing my mind.  When I looked at the numbers (which seem reasonable from what I’ve read elsewhere and are sourced at the bottom of the graphic) I became sick.  I was planning to eat a snack and now I’m just done with food.  I am close to just starving myself because of this whole mass produced food thing.  It genuinely frustrates me.  Or that might be the part of the 35 POUNDS of antibiotics/ hormones I will ingest in my life from the store bought meat I eat.  Please take a minute and look over the graphic.  Research the numbers.  Prove it wrong.

Please just read it and think about where your beef is and what beefs you should have!

Some numbers I’d like to highlight-

4 companies supply the US with 45.7 BILLION pounds of beef, pork or chicken (about 50% of all produced).

Breaking this down it means 4 companies provide all 312 million Americans with 6.4 oz of meat per day!

6 oz is the maximum RDA of protein (including nuts, eggs and beans) for an adult male!

Those four companies are Tyson (beef, chicken and pork), Cargill, JBS and Smithfield which supply restaurants as well as stores, so most likely we eat them whether we know or not.

Unless of course we take the time to find local sourced, local produced, often organic food sources.

Am I guilty of taking the easy way out?

Yes, but less often than a year ago and I am even converting what I cook for the 100+ folks I help feed on the street each week.  Less meat, more local vegetables and beans, more local meat.  Surprisingly when prepared in advance it costs the same money and only slightly more time!


Conglomerate American Food Infographic

Source: Frugal dad

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