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I tried to answer that question for a new friend recently while feeling the scowling look of a friend who has walked through the last couple months with me when I replied “I don’t even know anymore”.
I was being honest. As honest as mixing non-drowsy Dayquil with a porter would have me be.
I’m in a weird spot. I finished my most recent dream/goal in January. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree!
I felt like I was supposed to keep working and pay off my debt. But I am approaching two years at my current job. Which is a MASSIVE personal record as I never lived in one place long enough to even dream of doing this since I became an adult. And while I love the company and my co-workers, it is becoming hard to look forward to work as I am not invested in it. It is also not getting easier to pay bills for some reason. Maybe, those porters are really adding up and affecting the bottom line more than they should!
This goal seems less like a dream than a task and so I have started searching for another one. Like pay off half my debt, hit the Appalachian Trail and then teach English to impoverished African children that don’t even know how to spell Nike. Which led me to start thinking what my ultimate life dream is…and folks, here it is…as of June 31, 2010.
To make a million dollars, donate half and live the rest of my life off the other half.
Honestly, that’s a great dream, right? I can easily think of 50 people or organizations that could use 10,000 USD…taxes don’t count…and then I can work or play or travel or just sit on the Oregon coast drinking lots of Rogue.
In this dream, I would spend the bulk of my life and finances caring for others. Whether that means buying a waitress a car so she doesn’t have to take the bus home at 1 am when her shift ends, or just talking to her. Or maybe it means taking a day off work to mentor longer with a fourth grader. Or even walking the streets of the world giving a dollar to each person that asks and not caring what they do with it. Or maybe it means being the silent rich guy who just works daily, volunteers, and lives in a quiet inner city house while doing random acts of kindness.
This is where the dream starts fluttering-like it hasn’t already.
Problem #1. I don’t really like people. Most people. I mean I know there are a few keepers, but there a lot more that annoy me. I would struggle to deal with those people if I didn’t need to. The people that think I owe them. I wouldn’t be able to give a dollar to everyone that asks because there’s that one dude has been on that corner stoned or tweaking every day for the last year. And that credit card rep is just annoying. All I want to do is activate my card. You are not my mother. I don’t need 5 protection programs! If I can’t pay my bill because I got hit by a truck, I’ll figure it out with the truck driver.
But I digress.
And Problem #2 Enters!
“But how?” the reader asks.
Well, I hear there is good money in illegal activities like working with a chemist to make meth, or stealing a painting from the Louvre.
Seriously, it would be super cool to make money through writing. Which while it is doubtful I will make a large amount at one time, but I didn’t say I needed that million in a single check. I just need it in less checks then my current trajectory.
Then, my skepticism lends me to believe there are few “great” books being published currently because of blogging, Twitter and social media slavery. How would I compete with these writers/ bloggers I read that have 100+ comments on nearly every post? Or do I need to? Which leads me back to the question, but how?
Any thoughts? Let me know, please…so I can fulfill my life dream.
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