Dreaming of Ludicrousness

I’ve probably talked about this before.  But these words are new…

I awoke a couple nights ago wondering if I should have let the pho settle more before sleeping or if I was onto something.  I had just had a very vivid dream in which Chris Martin from Coldplay was explaining to me about getting your message out in creative ways and ended with him admitting he needed to think about my point more.  I made Chris Martin think!

The scene was this.  We were in a hallway in a large building, after a massive marketing launch for him and Coldplay. They had just gotten off stage after playing a song that was somehow associated with a new sandwich from Burger King.  (I am not sponsored and only eat BK in airports of foreign countries).  We were all given this new burger thing to try and as I was eating it I had the following discussion (or one similar)…

J- How could you lend your name to this sandwich? It is mass produced (as I look over a sea of people eating it) and toxic and uses very unfair practices…

CM- What?  It’s great marketing man. People will hear our music in the commercial and research who we are and find out our fair trade platform.

J- No they won’t.  This is America, they’ll just eat it and not research anything.

CM- But it worked in Bhutan and we think it will here too.

J- But the tomatoes, man.  These tomatoes were probably picked by bonded slaves, and unpaid illegals for like pennies a ton. (A true story and something the corporation had to change after massive boycotts)

CM- These tomatoes?  No, they were grown in Africa and flashfreezed for this sandwich.

J- That’s horrible! How is a tomato grown and shipped overseas any better for us than one picked green, gassed and sent from Florida?  And were the Africans paid a living wage?

CM- That’s a good question.  I’ll have to research it…

I seem to remember him calling a management type over and we continued talking.

Here is my take away.  I approached a superstar and challenged him, and made a case that made him think.  It is preposterous and goofy but a couple years ago I wouldn’t have ever had a dream like that.  A couple years ago, I didn’t think people would care what I thought. I dreamt of talking to them but never challenging them. Then I found out many people I made to be rockstars in my head are still human and will converse and debate with me.  In real life I started approaching speakers at conferences, not just for a book signature but to discuss topics.  Some have had coffee with me.  One is now a significant part of my life and a great friend.  But it started with a dream.

I dreamt that speakers and rockstars would hang out with me.  Would converse with me, and now that is a small part of my life.   I am realizing that dreams are uncommonly pursued.  The houseless and destitute I meet on the streets, don’t dream of a change of life.  At church on Sunday we heard of Vietnamese villagers that never dream of a debt free life.  My mentee struggles to dream of being anything extraordinary when he matures.

And that is seen in this video from Justin Dillon and Common.

The little girl doesn’t know her birthday and has no dream!  And that more than anything else in life, makes me hurt.  And makes me want to change the world.

How about you?  Do you dream? Do you make dreams reality?


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