Winning by Failing

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I have lost weight.

It hasn’t been insane pace, only about 2 stones in about 4 months. But it has been healthy. Far healthier than the drinkable diets, fasts and parasite sublets I had employed previously. Less meat. Less empty carbs.  Less processed foods.  Less sugar. Less beer. Joined a gym…and went…semi-regularly.

I reversed a short- lived “new hobby” I had for a couple months— Drinking at airports. Which is for the birds. And by that I mean women, really flirty women that gets drinks bought for them. Because that hobby is expensive and unhealthy. But I digress.

I made hiking buddies. It isn’t easy to keep up with them but I do. I fail them. I have realized that discipline is easier when you let yourself fail. When you or I don’t judge ourselves for failing. I still have a bear claw at Coffee People (only at the airport or Jim n Patties far from work). I still have a Dr Pepper when driving hours and occasionally I still have jerky while hiking. But I have found by adding the when clause I am becoming healthier. Which means I no longer have the habit of eating jerky, energy bars, or donuts when I am sitting at my desk for 8 hours. Also I substantially increased my ability to fail by joining a gym. I fail at least twice a week. By forgetting workout clothes or a lock or to make time or by just procrastinating. I am great at thinking I have time tomorrow at lunch or before those 3 evening appointments.

Listened to an NPR podcast I would generally skip about the French gaining weight in the last ten years because are starting to rush meals.  It isn’t just fast food that is fattening them up but eating food too fast.  It messed with their metabolism, exercise (driving instead of walking) and choices in food (fattening and fast instead of flavourful and time consuming to savor). I definitely fail at this, as wqas witnessed when I dumped my breakfast this morning on my lap in the car, after I did the same thing with my dinner Friday night.


My clothes fit better. I feel a little better.  And today I got four compliments about how svelte—I used that word— I look even after a week trip to Georgia and a stressful week of life.

I have a long way to go, but I think I will make it because I will keep failing.

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