It is Friday. That day we thank god for.  It is quiet in the office and my computer is running too many programs to do anything well.  Here’s to hoping no one else calls and it doesn’t shut down again. Everyone else has been released by their own desire to start the weekend a little early.  Soon my work will be done and I can do the same…cause I have worked enough this week, right?

My night is mostly free although that coupon for a cheeseburger, fries and a beer sounds amazing and might cause me to obsess over another book which could cause me to get little to nothing done.  Convincing myself to go workout again and then rest at home has been a lot harder than inviting myself for drinks with my Kosher Chinese book friend.  The right thing is of course the gym so my life lasts long enough to see all I want to see, but a free (previously paid for) burger and fries seems so much…easier, slower, more peaceful.

The weather is partially to blame as reading friend’s blogs both near and far away has proven we are all suffering from the silencing of our lives.  Our lives slow down as our blood thickens for the colder months. Our laughter is less as we don’t look for funny things. Our voices are quieter as we don’t have to compete with the wind, open spaces or traffic noise created while we’re sipping up the sun’s rays whenever we are not making the scrilla— spelled that correct first try, two points.  The desire to move decreases, to run the extra mile, to stay up late are all packed away with those horrible jean shorts we didn’t wear outside but hesitate to give away because they might be fashionable next year.*   The desire to eat and drink out becomes exponentially stronger, because my body needs more calories to stay warm, we lie to ourselves.  It is worth the money we think and then we look at our credit card statement.  The same credit card statement we agreed to pay off.

So what do we do?  We do nothing…you heard me.  It’s Friday so we do whatever we want and look forward to the weekend.  As long as the whatever we want will allow us to rest, to recover, to… Sabbath.  Maybe Walter was right when he said, “I don’t roll on Shabbas”.

Happy Shabbas, y’all. Now go take it easy for a few hours!

*this does not apply to me as the homeless were the recipients of my three pairs in June and potentially the trend setters for hipsters next year.


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