One Day’s Wages

Some who have scrolled around might have noticed that I only added one link in the conversion.  I am generally a link monster, but One Day’s Wages was the first and only that came to mind as important.

I have written about them before and dig the simplistic concept of their mission.   Take 0.4% of your annual salary combine it with a few other people’s and fully fund some projects or emergency funds around the world with no administrative overhead.  (They have a separate administrative fund… and interns!)

But it had been awhile since I let my money do some talking.  Well it had been talking- I like traveling, I like fresh organic foods, I don’t like to cook, I’m addicted to Netflix…but it hadn’t donated for about a year.

Then I checked my twitter messages and noticed the following…

OK, I’ll get off my soapbox.

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  1. guido

    Hey Dude,
    That is awesome. I hope everyone donates like you did.

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